Our peptide hydrogel research wins Controlled Release Society’s 2020 People’s Choice Award

We are excited to hear our research on the use of peptide hydrogels for HIV/AIDs drug delivery won the overall CRS People’s Choice Award at the recent CRS virtual meeting.

The presentation, as well as our other work, is available to conference participants by clicking the relevant title below.



Poster number 63. 

Peptide-like Hydrogels as Long-acting In Situ Forming Implants for Treatment and Prevention of HIV/AIDs.

Dr. Garry Laverty,* Dr. Sophie Coulter, Dr. Sreekanth Pentlavalli.


Oral presentations:

Pharmaceutical Formulation of Peptide Nanotubes for Drug Delivery Applications.

Presenter: Dr Garry Laverty

Co-authors: Simon Porter, Dr Sophie Coulter, Dr Sreekanth Pentlavalli.


An Ultrashort Multifunctional Peptide Hydrogel as a Novel Matrix for Chronic Wound Healing

Presenter: Dr Sreekanth Pentlavalli

Co-authors: Dr Sophie Coulter and Dr Garry Laverty.




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