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Research Fellow positions 

Research Fellow in Peptide and Peptide-mimetic hydrogels as long-acting drug delivery implants (HIV-contraceptives): click for further information and to apply

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PhD positions

Opportunities exist for self-funded research students in a variety of areas throughout the drug delivery, pharmaceutical, biomaterial and biochemical sciences.

Projects include:

  • Peptide hydrogels as a long-acting multipurpose drug delivery platform for combined contraception and HIV prevention.
  • Long-acting injectable peptide hydrogel implants for the treatment of chronic central nervous system disease (antipsychotics, opioid abuse).
  • Peptide hydrogel implants for long-acting pre- and post- exposure prophylaxis to Covid-19.
  • Peptide hydrogels as novel nanotherapeutic delivery agents enhancing the anti-tumour efficacy of radiotherapy.
  • Multifunctional peptide hydrogels as a chronic wound therapy.
  • Low molecular weight antimicrobial peptide hydrogels for biomaterial applications.


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