Get your tickets for the NI Science Festival: Gel Jabs: How Pioneering Hydrogels Fight Infection and Disease

We will be presenting a talk on how we are researching our peptide hydrogels as future medicines at the NI Science  Saturday on 25th February 2023 (11 – 12pm) in Lecture Theatre 2, Medical Biology Centre (Queen’s University Belfast, 97 Lisburn Road, Belfast, BT9 7BL).

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More details below:

Gel Jabs: How Pioneering Hydrogels Fight Infection and Disease
Find out how scientists at Queen’s University Belfast are leading the way in the fight against infection and disease with innovative hydrogels which do everything from killing hospital infections to improving how medicine is delivered.

Made from peptides – short chains of amino acids known as ‘nature’s building blocks’ – these versatile gels mimic human tissues and are now being used to address the greatest medical challenges. Find out how treatment delivery can be improved by injecting ‘peptide-plus-drugs’ into the body, forming a drug-releasing gel implant under the skin.

This supergel works for several weeks, so patients don’t have to take multiple daily pills. Used to deliver antiviral drugs to treat or prevent HIV/AIDS, hydrogels are the next frontier in medicine…

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